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Prevent macOS 13 from Suspending Background Applications

While waiting for a long-running QGIS process to finish I was reminded that macOS 10.9 (“Mavericks”) introduced a feature called App Nap, which suspends or pauses applications that aren’t visible on screen. A few seconds after I switching away from the Spaces virtual desktop that QGIS was running on, macOS would suspend QGIS, preventing the process I was waiting on from ever completing. In earlier versions of macOS there was a checkbox to disable App Nap on a per-application basis in the Get Info window for the app.

Using (an unsupported, self-hosted version of) Billings Pro in 2020

Final Update (2022) I have fully migrated away from Billings Pro and am now using Invoice Ninja. Mid-November 2020 Update (Big Sur) After updating to Apple’s newest operating system, Billings Pro 1.7.14 crashes on launch with a segmentation fault. At this point it is abundantly clear that the self-hosted version of this software is on borrowed time, but I found a workaround: Download the latest version of the app (currently 1.

HP LaserJet CM4540 – 99.05.56 Firmware Install Error

I recently tore down a HP LaserJet CM4540 to fix a different error (59.00.F0) caused by a sticking solenoid. The repair for this is well-documented online, but when I reassembled the printer I got a new error: 99.05.56 Firmware Install Error. I knew this had to have been caused by an error in reassembly since I had done nothing to affect the firmware, and in a few minutes I had found it: a wide, flat ribbon cable on the far right edge of the DC Controller (J105) was left undone.

Installing Timbuktu Pro 8.8.5 on macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra throws another wrench into my preferred remote access software, Timbuktu Pro. A change in the file /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/A/ScreenSaver prevents the Timbuktu Host application from launching. Some solutions online suggest copying an older version of the framework, but this requires disabling System Integrity Protection, could be overwritten with a future system update, and may cause unforeseen problems. I’ve managed to resurrect this software on High Sierra without changing the System Folder or disabling SIP.

IBM RS/6000 Microchannel Ethernet Options

I bought a 2994 High-Performance 10/100 Ethernet Adaptor for my POWERstation 7012-32H off eBay in hopes that it would work, even though it isn’t listed as being compatible with the 32H (the compatible adaptor is the 2992 10BaseT). It turns out the 2994 10/100 works fine though under AIX 4.3.3. I loaded the drivers for the card and assigned it an IP with smit and I’m installing packages over an NFS export without issue.